Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • What insurance do you hold?

    To the letter of the law, which protects both your investment and our company, we hold Construction Insurance, Public & Product Liability Insurance, in addition to Home Owners Warranty Insurance.

  • Why should I consider a dual occupancy?

    Unlike a subdivision, a duplex maximises your use of land whilst avoiding many of the associated costs such as holding fees, insurances costs and council rates. In addition, their construction is extremely time efficient, provides a higher rental return than apartments with less responsibility, positively impacts your tax depreciation, interest costs and return on investment and facilitates flexibility to live in, sell or rent the properties both within the family or without.

  • How long will my construction project take to complete?

    Depending on size and complexity of the construction project you can expect your custom new home or dual occupancy to take somewhere in the vicinity of 4- 6 months.

  • What types of homes do you specialise in?

    We use our decades of experience and end-to-end customer-focussed service to deliver top-end quality outcomes for our clients within their budget for custom new homes and dual occupancy builds.

  • How long have you been in the building industry?

    With over 20 years’ experience in the building industry, our team has every base covered during and between every phase of your project.

  • How long have you been working with your contractors and trades?

    We have built a stable of highly experienced industry specialists over many, many years. This hand-picked team is the backbone of seeing your dream project to physical completion who must also adhere to our strict guidelines and expectations, which they have proven to do time and time again.


    Luxury comes at a price and for Sky Developments that price is attention to detail. The finest products, fixtures and fittings can have their glamour and aesthetic entirely undermined without this focus, while more affordable features can be elevated to the magical with just the right touch.


    We have defined and simplified our build process so that you can understand every stage and feel confident to leave the building to us. Like no other among custom home or dual occupancy builders in Wollongong and the Illawarra, our detailed approach from initial consultation ensures you get the most personalised experience, budget certainty and constant communication.


    It’s all only words until you experience it first hand, which is why we are very happy to provide you with the opportunity to connect directly with our clients to hear from them what it is like to work with Sky Developments. Our reputation is built from our client relationships and premium delivery and we know that our company’s future also depends on it.