24 Jun, 2020

The Truth about Quotes

When it comes to building a home with a plot of land, be very careful with how your builder presents their quotes. It’s common for builders to offer the same quote to a landowner as they do wi ...

17 Jun, 2020

The Team Matters! Here's Why

Your builder is only as competent as the team they work with ☝️. While you may be talking to one builder throughout the entire process, chances are, they’re working with a team of other tr ...

10 Jun, 2020

Balancing Compromise with Flexibility. What the Ideal Builder Should Exercise

Creating a staircase like this one didn’t come from a catalogue or existing plan…we worked with our clients to ensure that the details are what they envisioned ☝️. While it may be w ...

3 Jun, 2020

Enjoy a Personalised Experience with our Team!

There’s a lot that goes into extensive projects like this one. Unlike other home builders in Wollongong and the Illawarra, we offer a thorough and detailed approach for every stage of your bui ...

27 May, 2020

Don't be Daunted with the Process. Here's what you Should Know!

As a homeowner, you put a lot of trust in your builder… These are the people who are in charge of breathing life into your vision of a dream home. They are the gatekeepers of your ideas and it ...

20 May, 2020

Why Communication = Success

Communication is synonymous with your project’s outcome…. The building process and success of your project rests entirely on the relationship between you and your builder, and this relat ...

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